Building Department

The Building Department provides accurate consolidated permitting services; to inspect, provide inspection information, records, and reports as to maintain a high standard of building inspection service; and to provide zoning interpretation and applicability, inspection and certification of existing buildings maintenance and enforce The State Building Code 780 CMR, The Architectural Access Board (AAB) 521 CMR and any other state statutes, rules and regulations or ordinances and bylaws which empower the Building Official.

This department ensures timely review, issuance of permits and performs inspections. They maintain report with local business owners, builders, contractors, and citizens, with emphasis in the areas of Main Street, sidewalk signage and the abatement of vacant structures. They provide critique of all buildings and various other permit submittals for compliance with all city and state regulations, with a public safety perspective. This department also coordinates inspection review with appropriate town officials.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Edwin May Building Inspector
Matthew Kollmer Assistant Building Inspector
Theodore Piontek Electrical Inspector (413) 274-6605
Robert Krupski Plumbing Inspector (413) 229-8019
Robert Gennari Gas Inspector (413) 274-0267
Bernard Drew Fence Viewer