GB Utility Boxes Get Graphic Facelift with HDC Project

utlitiy box pic

Historic scenes and personalities of Great Barrington are now displayed on electric Utility Boxes in the downtown area.

These decorative additions to the otherwise drab utility boxes were a project of the town’s Historic District Commission. The boxes are found  mostly on sidewalk locations from Liquors to the Big Y plazaThe project was spearheaded by Historic District Commission Vice Chair Jim Mercer and executed by Franklin Marvel of Cyanta Studios in Boston. Images used were sourced from the Great Barrington Historical Society’s archives.

Featured on the boxes are poet William Cullen Bryant, engineer William Stanley, and civil rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois. There are also images of historic Main Street properties as well.

Historic District Commission Chair Don Howe expressed his appreciation for the effort invested in this initiative, “which contributes to the town’s aesthetic appeal and fosters a deeper connection to the town’s cultural heritage.”

utlity box pic installPhoto: Franklin Marvel of Cyanta Studios in Boston installs the Du Bois graphic.