Mission Statement

The Board of Assessors is appointed for three-year terms. The Assessing Department establishes Market-based valuations by using a Market Adjusted Cost Approach to Value. The Mission of the Assessing Department is to serve the public interest and help assure the financial stability of Great Barrington by exhibiting the highest level of competence and professionalism.

Our goals are: A timely tax rate, the attainment of tax equity whereby each taxpayer pays only their fair share of the tax burden, and the maximization of tax base growth revenues.

FY 2018 Tax Rate: $14.98

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Christopher Lamarre, MAA Principal Assessor MAA, Prinicpal Assessor
Carol Strommer, Administrative Assessor Administrative Assistant

Board Members

Name Title
Christopher Lamarre, MAA Principal Assessor Principal Assessor
Bruce Firger Member
John Katz Member