HWW Schedules Hydrant Flushing May 13-23

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hydrant flushing

Housatonic Water Works will conduct a schedule of routine hydrant flushing on weekdays May 13-23, 2024.

More information and the full flushing schedule can be found on the Housatonic Water Works website.

HWW has released this statement:

"Every effort will be made to isolate disturbances to the sections being flushed; however, we want to remind customers that other areas may be affected as an unintended consequence. The Company follows a hydrant flushing sequence for hydrants and blow-offs throughout its system. This protocol has been followed for many years.

The flushing is broken into three sections to effectively flush those sections of the system and minimize disruption to other parts of the system.

The main trunk line from the source intersecting North Plain Road, Van Deusenville Road to Park Street on the southern part of the distribution system bring water from the source which is then drawn sequentially through areas that are divided into sections as described below. Flushing in each of the three sections is conducted to minimize
disturbances; however, flushing in general can cause occasional disturbances in other sections of the
distribution system.

Section I consists of the transmission main running from the reservoir to the Division Street/North Plain
Road, extending to the West Stockbridge Williamsville area.

Section II consists of the Van Deusenville Road/downtown core, and extends to the Stockbridge Furnace area, whereas Section III consists primarily of Park Street from Ramsdell Road on the south to the Park Street bridge in the north.

When Section I is being flushed, the transmission line to Section II at the intersection of North Plain Road and Main Street is shut off to provide uni-directional flushing.

Likewise, when Section II is flushed, the North Plain Road and Main Street valve is closed, and the valve line at the Park Street Bridge is closed. Similarly,

Section III is isolated from Sections I and II.

Blow offs on secondary streets in each section are conducted upon completion of the
primary lines in each section.

View the full flushing schedule here.