Lake Mansfield Road Closes for Construction Starting Nov. 6

road work sign

The Lake Mansfield project is getting under way, and Lake Mansfield Road will close Monday, Nov. 6 to make way for construction and improvements.

The projects consists of culvert replacements, recreational improvements and parking improvements, and Lake Mansfield Road will become a walking path that is closed to traffic, except for a driveways serving a couple properties on north end and for emergency use.

During construction access to the certain properties on Lake Mansfield Road will be maintained from either the north end, from Dehon Road and or from the south end and boat ramp area, with accommodations for emergency vehicles (including removable portable barriers.) As the direction of emergency access changes during the project through the winter, the town will notify all emergency services. 

The project completion date is projected for June 2024, when the main access for the properties on Lake Mansfield Road will be from the north and Dehon Road, The walking path will be wide enough for emergency vehicles.

As a note, Knob Lane will be one way from Castle Hill (except for emergencies).  This means traffic approaching the boat ramp will need to turn around to exit and not go over Knob Hill in attempts to get to back to Castle Hill, and signage will be in place to instruct the public. We have signed this route to make the public aware of the one way section. Other signage will indicate that from intersection of Castle Hill and Lake Mansfield Road to the boat ramp there is no outlet. 


Monday, November 6th, 2023 is the closure date.